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Located on the southern side of the Aegean Sea, Crete is the largest island of Greece and among the most popular tourist destinations. Due to its large size and rich culture, this place offers amazing things to see and do, which is why Crete holidays is such an amazing experience for people. Discover our Crete travel guide and find out about the best sightseeing in the 4 prefectures of the island.
Hersonissos is a little sea town on the island of Crete. It's the end of the season and streets are half-empty. While the cafe workers are dissembling their summer terraces, let us take a closer look at the details of the environment around here.
The town is inhabited by cats. In the winter, cats form up to a half of the town's population. Local area consists of small 3-4 storey houses (mostly hotels), gift shops, and bars.
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With a rich historical and cultural background, Crete island is a wonderful place with distinctive differences from the rest of Greece in terms of customs, daily life and nature. Crete holidays is an amazing experience and will give you valuable moments to cherish. Located on the southern side of Greece, this is the largest island of the country and highly developed in tourism, without losing its traditional character though. Our Crete island travel guide and travel itineraries will give you all the necessary information to understand the region.
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